For the benefits available with vehicle tracking many business owners find vehicle tracking to be a great value service that very quickly pays for itself. In this article we have put together the top benefits of vehicle tracking however the list is endless and we could go on forever;

• Save Money On Fuel

As with standard GPS models vehicle tracking software, vehicle tracking can be used to calculate the quickest and most economical route for the driver, getting them to the required destination on the quickest route, using the least amount of fuel. However we have more advanced tracking kits as well, that will give drivers real-time reports of how much fuel is being consumed. This helps businesses forecast fuel and allowances in a much more effective way.
• Tracks The Vehicle Location

One of the huge benefits of vehicle tracking is that you will know where your vehicle is at all times. This means that is a vehicle or fleet of vehicles have been stolen you will be able to see exactly where they are so the police can recover the vehicles for you and return them in one piece. We supply and install all the leading brands of Stolen vehicle Tracker, including Tracker UK, Smartrack, Trafficmaster Trackstar, and Vodafone CobraTrak. We are installing these daily into the leading brands of prestige vehicles, such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Range Rover and Ferrari. We offer a full range of Cat-5 and Cat-6 trackers which are insurance approved and can be fitted at your home or work address anywhere in mainland UK.
• Fleet Tracking

As individual vehicles are tracked a transport manager of fleet manager will be able to see where the vehicles are at all times. This allows staff to inform customers how far away deliveries are, which drivers are taking breaks at what times, how long until drivers return to the business and such like. This is really beneficial for fleet management within a business.
• Less Potential Collisions

Research proves that when people know they are being watched they become more self-conscious and cautious. When vehicle tracking is installed in your fleet of vehicles your drivers become more aware and the risk of collisions is reduced, therefore reducing repair costs, replacement vehicle costs and insurance costs.
• Greater Foresight

With a vehicle tracking system fitted in a vehicle, drivers will be made aware of traffic problems and closures in advance giving them chance to avoid being stuck in traffic which will reduce effects that late deliveries may have on the business and other deliveries required that day.

These are just some of the benefits of have vehicle tracking installed in your fleet vehicles, if having vehicle tracking fitted into your fleet of vehicles is something of interest to your business then call Infiniti-ICS now to see how we can help you.
Based in Glasgow, Scotland and with coverage across the UK we are well suited to help small and large businesses with one or multiple vehicles that need vehicle tracking installed. From Lanarkshire to Lancashire, London to Livingston, Bradford to Bristol, we have all areas covered. If you are looking for vehicle tracking, we should be talking!