Today we visited Scotia Plumbing and heating to remove their outdated and inefficient Navman tracking system (left), and replace it with our own Infiniti Tracking solution (right). We implemented our system into their entire fleet in one day.

As you can see, our hardware is a lot smaller and neater than the competition, which allows for a more covert installation within the vehicle. Our devices are fitted with inbuilt aerials, motion sensors and back-up battery. All of which the larger Navman unit doesn’t have.

As well as saving Scotia money on their monthly vehicle tracking subscription, our system offers features such as instant email alerts (for speeding, idling, etc), weekly automated reports (including out-of-hour vehicle use), smartphone app, detailed journey analysis and lots more. All in a beautiful, easy to use and cost effective software platform.

If you operate a fleet of vehicles, contact us today for a free live demo and quotation.

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