Another visit to Leven Motor Co. in Edinburgh to protect this beautiful 2011 Ferrari California against theft.

What is a Cat-5 tracker?

A category 5 (or Cat-5) tracking system is the highest category of insurance approved tracking system awarded by Thatcham.

Category 5 Trackers must have remote immobilisation, which gives the tracking company’s secure control centre the ability to remotely immobilise the vehicle (on police request) if it’s stolen.

To meet the category 5 criteria, the system must have a driver identification tag linked to the tracking system. The driver must carry this tag in addition to the vehicle key when using the vehicle. If the vehicle is driven without the identification tag present, this will create an alert. The 24 hour control centre will immediately contact the driver to confirm the location of the vehicle and the emergency services will be notified if the vehicle has been stolen.

As well as the above mentioned features, a Cat-5 tracker will have all of the standard functionality included in the more basic Cat-6 system. Some of these features include: Backup battery, towing alert, low battery alert, tamper alert, accurate GPS positioning, anti-jamming technology, etc.

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